Plugin for your IDE that tracks and analyzes your activity to create reports on your coding and personalized learning material

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Data driven continuous improvement for developers

Integrated with your IDE

Detailed reports by language, project, branch or file

Automated time tracking

Understand how you spent your coding time

Control your data

Collected metrics are stored locally and never leave your computer

Free Features

Coding time

Unlimited dashboard history. The collected data is stored locally and you always have access to the reports

Coding reports

Detailed reports about your coding activity. Data is analyzed locally and never leaves your computer

Files report

Your coding activity by file

Branches report

Your coding activity by branch

Defects report

Track your defects and find patterns on how you can level up as a programmer

Tasks report

Track your tasks to understand how you code per task

Layers report (beta)

Time spent per layer

Domain / Infrastructure report (beta)

Time spent in infrastructure and domain classes

Test vs Code report (beta)

Time spent on testing code vs code under test

Available in your favourite IDE

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